my my, here we go again

Letty found out that The Fulton was playing Mamma Mia this summer and she immediately wanted to go... However, money. I know lady friend if only money just grew from the birch tree in our back yard. But alas... It does not. So she decided that she would rather go see the show as her one and only birthday present. Talk about a shining moment am I right? So I made sure she was certain and off the boys and I went during one of her tutoring sessions to get those tickets!

A little background? Letty has loved the Mamma Mia movie since she was probably a year and a half old. I have these videos of her just standing in front of the tv in our old house bouncing along to the music.... Those were the days! It was always on in the living room as background noise and she constantly loved to dance to all that Abba music. I cannot even tell you how many times I have seen that movie she is and always has been so obsessed! And then the sequel! I know the content may be a bit adult but I assure you it flies right on over her head. She is like, a number one Mamma Mia fan! So to see it live?! I mean, a dream!
We did dinner out before hand because well, let's make it extra special. Matt and I took a great deal of time finding a good spot close by that had a lot of options and landed on Lancaster Dispensing Company. Out of all the lovely items on the menu she chose..... a hot dog. I got myself a buffalo chicken salad  because I like to live dangerously...Then we walked up the street and she got herself a cupcake at Lancaster Cupcake. I am finding that I am getting to know that little corner of Lancaster city pretty well these days!  It looked like a storm was coming so we high tailed it to The Fulton even though we were super early but rather safe and dry than soaked and miserable.

Safe and dry and in the theater we chatted with a kindly volunteer while waiting for them to open the doors. She told us we just had to get a glow stick and to be sure to stay after the wedding. Apparently people think that is the end and well clearly those people have never seen the movie so we knew we were going to stay. Doors opened and I got myself a glass of wine (and one to be ready at intermission) and we got ourselves our glow sticks. The lobby was decorated with vines and a "Sheridan Wedding" sign which was just so fun! And then upstairs they had a wedding guest book and a photo booth! And of course outside it was just a mess of rain and thunder and the like. Apparently the night before the power turned off for a little so Letty kept waiting for that to happen with us as well. But the show must go on!
Oh the show! I was so so so sad that Matt wasn't there to see her reactions! I'm not sure what was more fun, watching the show or watching her! She leaned over the balcony and had stars in her eyes! She sang, she danced, she laughed and laughed! Those bachelor party (sorry, Stag Night) boys with their flippers just were too much for her! And Rosie! Oh dear funny Rosie. We were thrilled there was a few songs from the second movie in there too! And then the end!!!! The cast came out in all their sequined glory and sang two songs with glow sticks aplenty! And disco balls galore! She. Loved. It. I'm absolutely certain that the smiles never left our faces! Except during "Slipping Through My Fingers" because she knows that song brings her mom and dad to tears so she just hugged me the whole time and kept checking to see if I was crying (I was). 
Best. Birthday. Ever. So she said. And I tend to agree. The following night she cried herself to sleep with the playbill in hand wishing and hoping that she could go back and watch it all again. At least girlfriend has the movies to watch right??

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