mill creek falls

Must find falls! I always love a hike with like a big draw. Either a good view or something that just makes it more than a walk in the woods. Not that there is anything wrong with that! These are relatively close to  us... if you consider driving forty minutes close... Just head south and right before you hit Maryland turn right and go across the river and there you shall find Mill Creek Falls. Matt banished hikes as of last summer until conditions improved. Meaning, until Dominic stopped complaining about walking. The older two were made to hike... but the baby of the family? Nope. He whines and all hiking ceases to be. 

I had read that this hike was less than five minutes so I thought we can handle this! Dom can handle this! It turned out to be less than five minutes. You could hear the falls from where we parked our car so. Winner. We walked around and the kids played in the water and if anyone nearby was trying to find peace and solace and enjoy the falls I deeply apologize. They were much bigger than I thought they would be! Photos of falls can be quite deceiving. We then had lunch on the river and checked out Holtwood Dam before heading to get some ice cream. Checking things off my list one item at a time!