horse island. but no horse sightings.

Last Friday we woke up and loaded up the boat with all the accouterments needed for six adults and five kids to survive an afternoon on Assateague... Of course that happened after coffee on the bay and a quick three miler (by me) and a bagel run. Must have those bagels! While I was running the kids were feeding the ducks or playing with their iPads while Matt's brother freshly squeezed a bushel of oranges for a morning drink... He takes great pride in his work what can I say?

But then we were on the boat! Fully stocked and loaded! Off we went in a southernly direction! We set up shop and Matt grilled and the kids floated... as do the adults of course! We didn't see any horses but we sure tried! Then of course on the ride home David had to have his turn at the wheel for his captainly duties! 

Back at the house and freshly showered Matt checked his crab pots and found a few of these beauties... A bit too small for dinner but still fun for the kids! We watched another good sky after dinner too! They would never get old for me!