david's seventh birthday party

Our kids get two parties. One for family, and one for friends. So up first on Saturday last was our family party! David had chosen a minion theme which was interesting but not entirely surprising. Everything was decked out in yellow and there were bananas and silliness ensued. We had some swim time first of course because hello have we met? We have a pool and if the sun is out we are using it!

And then we head inside, towel off and get ourselves ready for the food. I always make a birthday dvd of the year prior and so that's on in the background to entertain while people wait. Matt made meatballs for the adults and buttered pasta and nuggets for the kids, per David's orders. 
Then it was gift time! David is just the luckiest! Baseball swag, LEGO sets, K'nex, rollerskates! The list keeps going and I'm sure I forgot something but he was just showered with gifts! Now where to put them all..... Hmmmm... Of course he wasted no time in opening them up and putting things together and pieces were everywhere but that is just what parties are made of right? Moms trying to calm their OCD and kids just trashing all the things!
Cannot forget the cake! I tried a new baker this year and I think it'll work out for us! David chose snicker doodle cake which was a first and it was quite tasty!
We had ourselves the smokiest fire then as well... Much to my chagrin. I try to like the smell of wood smoke people I do but I simply cannot.  My hair needed to be washed. It was upsetting. But we got another round of s'mores in! And of course no one leaves our house on a birthday night without a photo with the birthday boy!
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