another week of summer things

Just assume I'm like two weeks behind here...In the second-ish week of summer we...

Explored Central Market//Visited my Grammy//Biked on a new trail//Checked out another cafe//Visited yet another ice cream shop on the ice cream trail//Went to Parade of Homes with some of my friends (sans kids of course)//Got a visit from the ice cream truck//Hung out with family inside and out//Swam a whole lot//Got more ice cream//Went to a park//Back to Central Market//Watched a few summer-esque movies (Sandlot, Space Camp and Jumanji. Up on deck? Hook!)//More swimming//David finished up his first baseball camp//Hersheypark!

I sure do love summer!


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  1. Swimming, sports, nature, ice cream... you are cramming all the goodness of summer in!


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