annnnd david's friend party!

Also known as the last of his birthday celebrations!

So rookie move here, I didn't cap him at the number of friends he could invite. And so he invited nine of them. Which adds up to ten boys. In a pool. I just wasn't mentally prepared. It went so well though so don't get me wrong. It was just three hours of counting to ten repeatedly. And boys are easier in some ways, no drama or tears or fighting... and yet harder in others because all. they. do. is. jump. From the top of the deck mind you. 

So we had snacks and swimming, rock painting for those interested, cupcakes for all, popsicles for all, and of course presents! David got so spoiled I'm not even sure what to do with him anymore! LEGO sets, Nerf guns, baseball gear, candy, I could go on and on but suffice it to say he will be busy for days after this!
Thanks to all for coming out and celebrating David's seventh! We can move on to regularly scheduled programming now....