a twisted sister visit

My very dear friend Janelle has herself an ice cream shop, Twisted Sister. It's not local to us but it is also not that far away that we can't like make an afternoon of it. This was a line item on my summer bucket list as well, I mean, all the ice cream! Some other mom friends and their brood decided to join forces and head up there for a little hike and a lot of ice cream last week! Four adults and eight kids (one was home sick poor kid)! We mean business!

The hike was a little rough due to the heat and things not being open to the public and so one and so forth. We did see some pretty wild flowers and the river and then we took the kids to a park. Mind, it was about a zillion degrees and disgusting out so I pity the girl working at the shop when we all came barreling in...

And then the main event! The ice cream! Janelle told the kids to order whatever they wanted and the choices made their heads spin! Italian ice, milkshakes of any flavor, alllll the ice cream! What does one even do? We took over their seating area with many chants from the kid's tables, girls rule or boys rule or the like. We do not go quietly into the night! It was such a hot and sweaty fun day with some of our favorite peoples! We love us a good Twisted Sister visit! Thank you Janelle!