a rainy fourth afternoon

With the installation of our pool I was always excited to host our Fourth with my family. I had a pool growing up and it was always the best day of the summer. Tons of family and good music and of course fireworks! We don't do the fireworks of course (because hashtag: dangerous) but we can have the pool and the swimming! Except then the rains came. And the sun stayed away all of the afternoon. But we still had the family and some swimming! Gotta take it when we can! The babies can nap. We can snack and have an adult beverage or two... and the bigger kids can swim and swing and play. 

Whatever did we do without babies in our lives? Am I right?



  1. Letty is my kind of girl…double fisting the bomb pops! So cute! Looks like y’all had a good one despite the rain.

  2. kiddos and holidays are the best combo ever! oh and pools DUH!!


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