a fourth of july parade

Every year that we are able we all trek over to the neighboring town of Lititz for their parade. It's usually insanely hot. This day was no exception. We have learned over the years to have dinner outside of Lititz, just something simple, pizza! Then we drove over and sat at our usual spot. Which we will not be doing next year. Laurie of the future? Find another place to situate ourselves. It sure is pretty, where we sit... but this year must have been a new parade route and so there we all are, a half hour before the start of the parade, sweating... and waiting. For over an hour. And then when it does finally happen to cross our paths it just sort of sits there and waits for awhile. So anyways, other spot it will be! Trying to keep seven little kids from falling over the edge of insanity is no easy feat. It takes a village! Did I mention it was hot?

The kids do love this parade though! They get a ton of candy and love running out into the street for it... And lots of flag waving and clapping and cheering and the like. All with cousins! The things we do for tradition! And of course any photos worth their salt are my sister-in-law's.

And then we left and headed back to our development to watch some very entertaining fireworks! We really luck out with neighbors such as these! Ah yes, a true Sandlot Summer type of day!
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