a birthday boy's birthday

We are just all about David around here these days. As it happens to be, around my children's birthdays. So. David's birthday fell on last Thursday and we did our best to make it special, even though his sister had field hockey camp. I let the boys sleep in and Matt was able to drive Letty to camp to make this happen. He got up, he opened presents, and then we headed out to get some coffee (for me) and a donut (for him). He got the donut for free and then we ran to a park quick before getting Letty.

She had a prior commitment at a pool so the boys hung out with Matt while I went with her for that. But come four o'clock? Off to Chuck E. Cheese we were! He bounced back and forth between this, bowling, mini golfing, and a ballocity type place but landed solidly on Chuck E. Cheese. We reneged. Each kid got 45 minutes of all you can play time and well would you lookie here the adults can use their passes as well! So if Dom is on a silly little ride I could play something right next to it! It worked out great and I might even admit to having a little bit of fun myself... Each kid got over 300 tickets and had quite the time picking out their crap I mean prize...
David wanted Pizza Hut but settled for Chilli's and he got sung to by the staff so I'm sure he will be living on that for years. It's the week of the birthday celebrations! Never to stop!