the waterpark! and hershey!

You know me and my Memorial Day Weekends right? And if not, allow me to elaborate. All the activities. All the weekend long. All the patriotic wear.... annnnd go! Or I suppose I should say, andiamo!

So the kids had a half day on the Friday before Memorial Day and I took them straight from the bus stop to Hersheypark. We met up with my siblings and their kids too of course because we travel in packs. We are pack animals. We did a few quick rides before heading to the water park area. It was a season pass holder only event so we thought it wouldn't be so busy but it actually kind of was.... The kids still had fun though as they tend to do when water is involved.... and my head was spinning from the constant counting I do when I'm a solo parent and there are crowds.. 1, 2, 3... good. 1, 2, 3... good! 

I thought Dom could handle the park without a stroller but after carrying him to the car I think I'll still bring it. He's the baby and he gets what he wants. It's a problem.