the ocmd air show

The main event of our weekend was the air show. We went to this last year and just had the best time! What is not to love about throwing that anchor down and those feet up, listening to our favorite beach station and sipping on our favorite beverage? Nothing, that's what. 

We got an early start, having to get gas before fighting with boat traffic on our way down to 20-something street. It was still pretty windy and actually a bit chilly in the shade, so in the sun it was! Hours and hours of sun. We also learned our lesson from last year and brought a portable grill. We needed some sustenance! All the snacks but also all the meats! The air show itself started a little after noon and it was such a good one! I finally saw the Blue Angels! The kids (and I, to be honest) floated around on their little tubes Aunt Sue brought them in between their boat snacks. Boat snack! It was such a great time and I love the little tradition we have going with them now! 

 And then on the way home! Amidst insane amounts of boat traffic and wind and waves a giant wave (a tsunami if you ask my three) came washing over the entire boat leaving us all quite drenched. No phones were damaged thank the stars! My drink did get some bay water in it but I mean, priorities! But of course Dom was very upset by the entire state of affairs. So we all got showered and then I watched Matt cook!