pineview dairy and cherries

Cherries are in season and of course you know we are all about our fruit picking around here so the first chance I could get I took the kids down there (it is so far away, I mean 35 minutes feels like a lifetime when the three kids are in the van with no devices). I packed a lunch and we went to Pine View Dairy first, because it's just down the road a piece from the orchard. We saw baby cows, we ate our lunch, and we got our ice cream. Well, the kids did. I would be a thousand pounds if I got ice cream each and every time they did.

Then we packed up and headed to Cherry Hill Orchards for our cherry picking needs. We have been picking these for my dad as a sorry we missed you on Father's Day thing but here are seven pounds of your most favorite of fruit. The picking was so so easy and I didn't even have to leave my tree! Before I knew it both containers were full and I was covered in sweat. There is no air flow in those trees to be certain. And it was been soupy here as of late. But my dad is worth it and the cherries were delicious!
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