my beachy favs as of late, with formulate!

Oh it is beach season baby! We have ourselves a few beach weekends coming up this summer and we must be prepared for this! I got myself some new suits, including this black number that is an adventure in tan lines.... a new fun tassel cover up.... and new beach bag (because as a family of five one is never enough, never, never!!!) that just makes me feel like I am on a boat in Nantucket or some such thing. Just throw in a book and maybe some sunscreen for Letty and I am set! 

But let us not forget the beach hair. Beach hair is just like, the best hair. The salt water does something wonderful does it not? But as I am a charter member of The Dirty Hair Club, I do not get my hair wet at the beach. Or the pool. I create my own beach hair. Last September I shared with you all my new found love of Formulate. A company that makes good for you shampoo and conditioner, tailor made to fit you and your special hair needs.

So here I am, nine months in, and I'm still using the same bottles. I probably have only one more wash left before I run out so I was super happy to get replacements! 

What do we think? I personally think I kinda nail the beach hair without the beach thing. I left my formula the same as in the fall because, if it ain't broke don't fix it am I right? I still love the smell and I am obsessed with the texture my hair has after a wash. Plus, healthy people out there? You can see allllll the ingredients that go into it!
If you want to check it out shoot me a message or comment below and I can send you an invite to create your very own formula! And a bonus $5 off your first purchase!