last day of first and second grade

The older they get the faster it goes by am I right? And then I went and put them in the same clothes from their first day to do like a side-by-side comparison and they just look the same and yet so different and the feelings that time passing brings! I officially (as of last Friday) have a second grade son and a third grade daughter!! How that is even a thing is beyond me. No thank you. But also thank you!! Healthy kids growing on up and being their happy but somewhat crazy selves? How lucky are we!?
So Friday was their last day, and a half day. And normally they find out their future teachers but this year that is no more.... They still met all the next year's teachers and both emphatically declared that all teachers are wonderful and they like them all so.... Good things for next year right? Can't possibly go wrong. Right? And hey all you local moms come whenever that letter comes home be prepared for a zillion text messages from yours truly because I'm the boss. I need the info.
They had great years, if I do say so myself. Letty is just the hardest working little thing on the planet and we are so insanely proud of her! Even if we don't entirely "get" it, we are proud! She has grown this year in so many ways and some days she totally surprises us. She's got friends upon friends and her teachers have nothing but good things to say about her. We worry about her like, all the time, but we know she's going to be just fine! Her and her village! She's got her Girl Scouts, and her field hockey, and her church people... We may joke about moving south but we would need to bring all those things with us, to be sure!
David, that wily little fellow, well as we can imagine he took first grade just fine! Minus the above photo which I thought was something new but then saw a similar photo from last year so... Who knows?! Love your sister! Be her friend, always! Anyways. He reads all the things, remembers all the things, and teaches us all the things. He can get a bit swept up with some of his peers but he can always reign it in. His old soul may forget his age now and again and act like a six year old but once he remembers who he is he locks it back up again. He has his Boy Scouts and his church people as well... he still knows everyone's names and their jobs and their dates of birth (kidding). He fancies himself quite the ball player and we are going to test that theory this summer to be sure!

Yes yes, I'll brag about my kids but they are my kids... And that's what parents do yes?

And an interview!

Who is your best friend at school? 
L: Uhmm... Lily and Livi with the pool.
D: Tristan.

What was the best part of school? 
L: Eating lunch. Can you erase the word best and put worst? Which is leaving... 
D: Reading. Because I made it up to 1R.

What was your favorite thing you learned this year? 
L: Math. Ok, marine life and reading.
D: About alligators. That they have four rows of teeth.

What will you miss the most? 
L: Being with my teachers and friends.
D: My teacher, both of them.

What are you looking forward to most this summer? 
L: Going to the beach!
D: Fishing at the beach and throwing crab pots in!

Just for fun their first day photo next to their last day photo because: tears.
I'm just going to go back to my list of summer activities now and try and focus on the next few months and ignore what is to come in the fall... As a normal healthy mom does.

The last day of school last year here.