end of year things...

June, and May to be in fact, are just this sprint to the finish line. Get all the things done in the shortest amount of time all while somehow feeding and bathing your kids and not forgetting their special snack or their lunch. Or their shoes. 

So in between all of that and the field days and the field trips and the carnivals and and and and.... There was David's end of year party. My final time in his room for the year. I'm all about being in the room and getting to know these kids! They had a ton of fun games to play and a craft and of course snacks! All while my personal village, consisting this day of my sister, watched Dominic for me.
Then there was The Last Lunch. Some moms and food and beer and zero kids. All to celebrate the completion of another year before the next day arrived with alllll the kids. There was a time when I thought I wouldn't make many new friends and I've been so pleasantly surprised to have all these wonderful ladies in my life! This should definitely be a tradition though, this Last Lunch!
In our development, and probably many others I am sure, the parents gather around the bus stop on the last day and just spray their kids down with water guns. It was just Matt and Dom and I this year so it was sort of a little sad but we still got out kids good. David loved it.
We wanted to have a nice lunch out after the aforementioned spraying so we headed to a local bar that has a play set for the kids and Tennesse Tea for the adults... And island music.
And we just kept on going from there! It's the Summer of Yes!