a morning in lititz and an evening with family

We are the tradition that never ends! Every Saturday before Memorial Day we all take the kids to Lititz Springs Park for some play time for them and then we go to the Bullshead for some playtime for us. It's also my brother-in-law Colton's birthday weekend so it's sort of a thing. We cheers the Big C and hang out. In red, white and blue clothing.

And then we just kept the party going! My aunt and uncle and their boys came down from Long Island and so we of course had to have a dinner at my parent's house to visit with them. I'm fairly certain my fourteen year old cousin grew two feet since Thanksgiving! But the kids were loving all that fresh attention they were getting. Throwing balls!? Playing games??! Sign them upppp! And! Colton brought a kite!!! The man can fly!