a beach day

Our first full day at the beach started as they always do, with me driving to Uber Bagels and then running three miles before picking up said bagels. Matt needs him some Asiago Bay bagels. Four of them, to be exact. While I was running around the kids woke up and got their fishing rods all ready to go to head to the bay when I got back. No one caught anything this time though, not for lack of trying! It was so windy and chilly that Dom and I didn't last too long...

Then we loaded up all the beach crap that one needs and drove the two minutes to the beach. Umbrellas, chairs, towels, coolers, toys, boogie boards, my book, all the things. The water was frigid and the wind was still pretty brutal but this does not stop kids does it?
We let the kids swim quick before showering them and then it was dinner time! On the bay, naturally. We let the bigger kids stay up to watch the sunset and we were not disappointed!