the deck is ready for summer!

It is Memorial Day and for a whole lot of the country that means being outside... Doing that outside thang. BBQs and pools and family and friends, oh my! We spend so much time during the summer out on our deck and in our pool that getting it juuuust right is so important to us.

It took us a little bit this year to get her all gussied up for summer but we got it done just in time for a glorious weekend of sun a few weeks back! More on that later of course. It may or may not surprise you that I loathe our deck. I hate the color of it. It needs a few new boards here and there, and well, it could be a whole lot larger. Some day! So with that future goal in mind of enlarging and replacing said deck we decided we wouldn't stain it this year and instead opted for a new rug. As big as we could get rug. I also had to spray paint each and every chair as they rusted during their first and only summer. Don't trust the reviews people, those chairs are not outdoor friendly! We also got some new palm trees that are just so nice and big! I changed out what I put in the flower pots this year as well.... and my mama got me the most glorious succulent centerpiece that ever was!! I am obsessed with it and it is my precious.

You can see the deck last summer here. I always say final and that's always a joke right?

 Oh oh oh! And Matt and my dad had hatched a plan over the winter to add some lighting down by the grill so that he can see in the dark whilst he grills... These new columns and light fixtures! It's  not 100% done but it sure is functional and we most enjoyed having them lit during our first fire of the year too. Thanks dad!