strawberry season is upon us!

Oh this is such a thing I so love to do! All the fresh fruits all the summer long! I have it down to a science at this point, what fruit I can pick what month. I was so surprised when my local farm put up on their Facebook page that they were open for picking before Memorial Day... that hasn't happened in forever! I waited not so patiently for the kids to get off the bus before I whisked them off to pick up some fruit! Six quarts worth, to be exact. The boys were in to it for about five minutes before they moved on to more important things, like rocks. And staring at the watering pipe. Letty though is quite the helper and prides herself on finding the very reddest and bestest of berries.

I froze most of them for colder months but we sure ate a lot of berries, Letty and I! I'm sure I'll go back too!

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