some bits of life from my camera roll...

The in between.... you know as in like, real life, everyday life. So to document!

The insane amount of laundry that I folded after twelve days away.//The first day back to Bodypump was.... ouch!//Our first weekend back from vacation our neighborhood had a yard sale... I didn't really sell but my friend came and set up shop along with a bunch of girls who wanted a lemonade stand. Matt made it and everyone brought something to sell and the girls made like $15 each! Lemonade stands are not what they used to be.//We mulched and decided to add another garden bed when we discovered we had far too much mulch.//Spent literally the entire day on day with these two beautiful women. It needed to be documented. From Race to lunch to setting  up for the yard sale to dinner to drinks to some of their kids staying for a sleepover I mean. It was a day of days.//Cinco de Cycle! Spin followed by drinks! We so festive.//The Food Truck Frenzy that started with rain and ended with an early bedtime for all.//Coffee date with a friend.//Playing with Olsen cousins in the mud and rain. And no ticks were found!//Aunt Beth took Dom out for some ice cream and an impromptu Happy Meal, the lucky duck!//The end of another hockey camp, love me those second graders! Almost third graders (staaaahp!)//The bigger kids had their end of year Carnival at school. With a side of friends and chaos!//Our first fire pit of the year with more friends! And s'mores!//Letty and I went to see her second cousin in High School Musical, the brainiac.//