race for education

I'm sad I am out of Disney things to write about.... I mean I really just dragged out the entire Florida vacation as long as I could am I right? But le sigh. It is done. One must move on.... To our first Friday back at school and back in the cold, dreary, icky, north.

If you've been around here for the past three years (wow!) you know that this is quite the beast of an event. The sheer amount of work that goes into this thing is just well... beastly. I do what little I can... but it's still like next to nothing. I think the kids raised something like $27,000 for their PTO and all those PTO sponsored events so.... well done!

One thing I do make sure to do is well, be there. I like to be a lap marker. I had to pick between K-1 and 2-4 so since I am pretty weighted on the Letty side with involvement I chose David this time. She was most put out by this but I am going for fairness here. The grass was wet and it was chilly. Not ideal conditions. The kids came out... the kids went back... the moms shivered and drank spiced chai... and then the kids came back out! Drizzle or not they were running!

They run and race and sprint and chase.... the gym teacher has all sorts of "pump you up" type music playing... there are spectators and free Rita's and water stations and well, legit things here. The bigger kids had bigger laps so I think Letty came in at like two and a half miles and David at just over three. He really took off with the running! Every time I caught Letty she was walking, chatting with her friends. But I got a photo from a friend that proved she did run! At least a little!
It took quite a while for my hand to un-claw itself and warm up. Going out to lunch after with some lady friends sure helped! And the beer.

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