preschool: a year completed

It's a bit funny (or maybe the right word is ironic?) how the first child starting school is near earth-shattering... and then the second is like okay we know this drill and it's sad but I have a Dominator to contend with so I'll be okay and then the third comes along. I was sad when he started of course, marginally less sad than with David, but sad. I recovered faster though, I mean, two and a half hours twice a week is really like next to nothing... I know everyone and their mother is discussing this time warp thing but goodness. His first day was like yesterday! And then here we are his last day and I didn't even go to pick him up from school! Matt went because my van was in the shop. So I missed his last last day of his first year of school! Follow that logic? And it's okay. We are all okay.

So here's a shocker: Dom is a good kid. I know! I was as surprised at you. When we went to conferences and his teacher told me she could have a hundred Dominic's I laughed at her at first. Then asked if she had maybe more than one Dominic in class? The world with a hundred Dominics? Oh the humanity!
If you know him, you know this to be something else. He's a handful on a good day. But! He's good for his teachers! This is so monumental and so huge! When I first met them I apologized, I did. I said I'm not sure where I went wrong... I warned them not to expect another David.... and then as kids do he went and made a liar out of me. Thank goodness.
So a year in and a golden student we have. He has finally learned how to hold a pencil properly, write his name and color in the lines. He has learned songs and can even offer up a prayer before dinner. We all think he knows much much more than he lets on that  he is just stubborn. So we will go with that. 
And just like that! It is Dominic's first summer vacation! Let's live this up big guy!! We will try anyways in between all the other things going on. Lititz Park Springs! On deck! And yes, I know that's not the name of the park, that's just what he calls it and it's cute.