our mother's day

I know, I know, Mother's Day was quite the long time ago but as you know we are playing a bit of catch up here so it is what it is. My Mother's Day, otherwise known as Singing Matt's Praises!

My day started with breakfast in bed. Now I don't  normally eat breakfast but this is something that my kids have just expected will happen on Mother's Day. And they actually woke me up bringing it in so I think they thought that was a real gas. I ate my breakfast and sipped my coffee and mimosa under the watchful gaze of four humans.... You try that first thing in the morning. 

Matt had gotten me two chunky candlesticks that he distressed (all on his own, how proud am I?!) and he let the kids pick out a potted bunch of bright colored lilies. He had also apparently been a busy bee the night before after I went to sleep, doing all of my Sunday chores for me. Yes I have chores for certain days of the week. He cleaned all the bathrooms and emptied all the trashcans and folded the laundry before he went to sleep himself. I mean. Slow clap for Matt!
After relaxing around the house we headed to the gym because Mother's Day won't keep me away from my Sunday spin class. Then we got ourselves all fancied up for a family dinner at our traditional Mother's Day spot, Brick Gables. It's a buffet. It is also the same spot that triggers my summer weight gain. Year after year people. It's that peanut butter swirl ice cream! I mean, look at the bowl Matt went and got for me? And yes, I ate it all. We gave the real true mama her presents too... oh that Nonna! We are the luckiest in the Nonna department!

Once sufficiently stuffed we headed back to my parents house and let the kids play for a bit and just hung out, as we do!

When we got home for the day Matt drew me my first bath in like... well I'd say ever but maybe I've used our soaking tub once? Are you a bath person? I may be a convert. I absolutely loved sitting in there and reading and sipping a glass of wine while Matt sent all the kids two floors below me to soften their noise level. It was quite nice! And then he made pizza. I told you, Mother's Day is my trigger. 

It was such a lovely day and I went to sleep so relaxed and felt so appreciated. We all know that I don't even do my half of the work around here with Matt always taking on the lion's share.... So this was just above and beyond. I'm going to really need to step it up on Father's Day...