our good friday

I started my Good Friday off with a sunrise run with my sister.. which is the best way to start any day if you ask me. Coffee, cardio, and the sky. It wasn't the best sky I've ever seen but it still so pretty. Once everyone was up for the day we had breakfast at the hotel and then let the kids swim. It was overcast and it eventually started to rain but that doesn't stop these kiddos!

Once the rain chased us out of the pool we dried off and headed over to the mall behind our hotel where there are rides and such. The kids rode the carousel and the train courtesy of my dad of course... We had lunch over there as well before heading back to the pool! Where else would we all go! The sun came back out! It was hot! Suffice it to say the Trovato Family got their fair share of sun this weekend. Except those who had melanoma. Those people did not.
The post continues! After sufficient pool time we got dressed and headed to my aunt and uncle's house, even if they weren't there yet. Three of my cousins were there however and so we had a few drinks and checked out the house, because it always amazes, and then headed out to a dinner at Carmine's! The rest of the family came literally straight from the airport and believe it or not I didn't take a single photo of that dinner. Blame the red wine and the good company! And the delicious food! Don't let that last photo my cousin took fool you, Dominic lost his mind when there was an offensive parsley leaf on his pasta. How dare you parsley. How dare you.