our easter at the beach

This was our last day in West Palm Beach and as I'm sure you can imagine the day started with a run. My brother joined my sister and I for a sunrise run along the beach... with about a thousand other people in their Easter finest... .listening to a worship service. We saw the sun rise and then headed north for a quick run....
I asked Matt to tell the kids the Easter Bunny hid the baskets so that they wouldn't open them the second they woke up... I wanted to be there to see it! I know normally I have the bunny leave footprints but I was just so over it and what a mess that makes! The kids found them like in two seconds once I got back and opened them in even less time. The Minnie and Mickey Bunnies were a huge hit!

Then we headed to the beach! Singer Island, specifically. My aunt and uncle hooked us up and we were able to hang at the Marriott there for the day. Weather conditions: fabulous. We swam and baked in the sun for hours upon hours. Matt and Ash and I took the kids out to this old coral reef thing and that was so cool! That water color is just my favorite kind of water color! Before leaving we used the pool complete with water slide and water fall! Gotta get all that sand off am I right?
Crispy and exhausted we went back to our hotel to prepare for our big family Easter dinner! We ate at Cafe Sapori, just like last time. More carbs. And appetizers. And desserts. I mean just throw it all at me. When in Rome, right? And of course my aunt being my aunt she had all these goodies for the kiddos! Candy and treats and activities and toys and oh my! She just spoils us so!

Thanks so much to my family for hosting us and planning all of the things! It was such a wonderful long weekend and a fantastic way to spend the holiday! Here's hoping next time everyone feels well enough to join and that it's all smooth sailing!