off to disney we go! first up: animal kingdom!

What's that saying about the rolling stone and moss? Well however it goes we are sure that rolling stone. We got up bright and early and loaded into the most packed MV I have ever seen and started our two plus hour trip to the great Walt Disney World!

We checked in to our hotel (The Beach Club this time) even though we were hours upon hours early but we just wanted to be on top of that situation. Then we headed off to the park! We had Fastpasses! We must not miss a second! Except that once we got there that is just what Dom and I missed. Not just a second, but a whole hour of seconds. His Magic Band didn't work and I had to wait in a long line at Guest Services blah blah everyone else went off and started having the magical fun without us I was mad and almost cried but we got through it! To the rest of the day! Matt had grabbed me lunch and a margarita, which can I just say the addition of an alcoholic beverage to the meal with the dining plan is a huge improvement, while my family took the bigger kids on a ride. 
Once I met up with the rest of the group those of us who could ride the Everest coaster went off to do that while my parents and Matt had the little ones. David handled the rollercoaster so much better than last time, only needing to hold his Uncle Colton's hand, no tears! My parents meanwhile took the triplets into that Bug Life thing and wow. Talk about traumatizing! I don't think they will be making that mistake again. Dom thought every ride we took him on after that was going to be just as awful and as a result he stayed off a few he normally loves.... At least we got David back this year! He enjoys rides! We all then headed to our next Fastpass, the Na'vi River Journey, which I mean if you haven't seen the movie when it's just sort of confusing but me and mine enjoy it. We saw Pocahontas wandering by and decided to go meet her which is when I discovered my grievous error in not getting my kids autograph books! Thank the heavens for Aunt Beth who had an extra book to give Letty! And later on in the trip the boys! We also watched The Lion King show which was new for us all and made us realize our kids have never seen that movie... which we fixed on our 1,900 hour ride home, lest you fret. We ended our Animal Kingdom day with a favorite, the Safari. Even if we did miss out on the elephants!
We headed back to the hotel to get our rooms situated before dinner. I just have to get my room set up! Our dinner was at our hotel in the Cape May Cafe, all you can eat of course and lots of seafood for those who like that thing! We explored the grounds a little bit, specifically that pool and water slide we had heard so much about. Matt and I debated heading over to Epcot for the fireworks but it was such a long day and well.... We were responsible parents and put the kids to bed.
Sheesh that was a lot of photos. Props if you made it this far! Don't you worry, there are many more to come!