magic kingdom + o'hana

My dad gets us the Park Hopper passes and I mean, we've used them sure, going into two parks in a day here and there but this trip? Oh did we get the money's worth out that option. This day was the first example of such madness. We started our day at Magic Kingdom. But not before going out for a quick run and mailing postcards to the kid's classes and also homework. Journal it all kids! 

I tried to keep our Fastpasses for earlier in the day so that once the third was used we could book a fourth for another ride, that was the idea anyway. The park was pretty empty once we got there so we were able to do some of our favorites like Pirates of the Caribbean and It's a Small World... we had to move a Fastpass though because that last ride is longer than we thought.... Then we did the spinning teacup ride before lunch. After lunch we did Enchanted Tales with Belle which is a definite favorite of ours. This year David was Maurice and Letty was a plate.
We always have to go to The Carousel of Progress, it's just tradition for our family. Matt, Colton and Harrison enjoyed the air conditioning for a nap but I just like the nostalgia of that ride! Letty and all the fun parents went on Space Mountain too while some babies napped and other kids got some snacks. We ended the day at the park with a ride on Dumbo, another classic! Then we hopped onto the Monorail and headed to The Polynesian, a resort I've never even clapped eyes on.
I enjoyed the theme of this resort because well, Hawaii. We were early (have we met?) so we had some time to enjoy a drink and check out the lobby before our reservation at 'OHana. This is a restaurant that comes highly recommended. It's family style and it's all you can eat so you need to pace yourself. Salad comes first obviously but my favorite were those delicious noodles! Matt was obsessed with the pork dumplings. Then they walk around with skewers of meat, chicken and steak and shrimp. Just oodles of meat. The dessert I was told I had to save room for and I'm so glad I did because: yum! I ate far more than I should have. There was a man playing a ukulele too during our meal and he also ran this game for the kids to play. Full service, I'll tell you what!
After that we knew we needed to walk off some of our dinner so we took the Monorail to Epcot. Which since there are already an inordinate amount of pictures in this post I shall save for tomorrow!