magic kingdom + epcot

We got to Magic Kingdom a little bit earlier than we did earlier in the week in hopes to get some of the little kid rides taken care of before the crowds arrived. Tinkerbell claimed to have a 15 minute wait that may or may not have been longer... but we wanted to meet her so we waited just the same. She asked Dom about his Slug Slime that he uses for his hair, as she does the same. So now we call his hair gel Slug Slime. They also told her that their daddy has a Tinker Talent. But first are the sunrise run photos getting old? No, right?

Then it was off to more rides! The Flying Carpets for everyone but Matt and Letty and I because a Pirate's life for us! All of us booked it over to Under the Sea after that. Elena went to meet Elena (because, duh) and Cinderella but we didn't want to wait in the line so we took the kids to the Philharmagic, which we haven't done since we were first married. The kids loved it. Such a cute show, I had forgotten!
We then had a Fastpass for Peter Pan Takes Flight, another classic. Then it was time for the People Mover! I love seeing the inside of Space Mountain! We ate lunch at the same place as the first day... creatures of habit, are we. We then had back-to-back Fastpasses at Barnstormers and then Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Checking things right off that list! Colton really became David's riding buddy this trip! That's what we get for having an uneven family of five right?
At this point in the day we split off to do our own thing. Beth and family stayed in Magic Kingdom, my parents went back to the hotel to relax, and Rob and family and Olsens had the same idea... .except when we waited... and waited... and waited for a bus we eventually gave up and took the Monorail back to Epcot. My parents however had no bus wait time issues. That's what we get for splitting off! 

Anyways Epcot! Mickey and friends had like no wait time yet again, what are the chances! So we did that of course. Got some adult beverages before meeting Daisy, where David absolutely refused her advances and would not no way no how give her a kiss. Poor Daisy. Then we headed to France for more adult beverages and Belle. It's really genius if you think about it. Sprinkle a princess here and there and that will keep the kids happy while the parents can have a much deserved drank. On our way back to the Monorail we hopped onto Spaceship Earth because, why not?
Back to Magic Kingdom! But tomorrow!