magic kingdom again + fireworks

Wild horses can't keep us away. We had dinner reservations at The Crystal Palace, which is a character dining experience plus also a buffet. My kids never really watched Winnie the Pooh which is a travesty in and of itself but they have however seen Christopher Robin. Which is just such a cute movie! So they were more excited this time around. Even if Letty was like ahem mom, the gray guy who is sad all the time should be on all fours and the pig is much much smaller than that. This is why I know they are humans in costumes. Yet she still lit up with each and every meet and greet so fine if she knows the truth.

After dinner we made our way to the Christmas store to buy our traditional ornaments. Nonna and Pop get one for each kid and I get one for myself. Because I pretty much have a Disney tree at this point. Once that was done everyone left but the Olsens. We took the kids to The Monster Inc. Laugh Floor which they ate right up. Corny humor is David's most favorite lately. The jokes books he brings home! Oh it never ends.
Then we found ourselves a little niche of a walkway and claimed our territory for the fireworks. We stocked up on snacks and visited more restrooms and then watched the show! I love this show so much. It really is the best. I feel like if you searched these Disney posts for the most frequent word used it would be "love" but when one loves Disney one loves Disney. The boys got all nice and comfy in the stroller (thanks to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for the loaner by the way!) and I think literally the second the fireworks were over they both fell soundly asleep. Which was for the best because those crowds leaving? Oh mylanta are they anxiety inducing. Literally can not move. How many photos can one have of the castle? The answer is never too many.
Even with said crowds it took almost no time at all to get back to the hotel, even if we did have to carry/drag two little boys.