hollywood studios + some pool time

Hollywood Studios has some of my favorite thrill rides! Tower of Terror and the Rock n' Rollercoaster are just where it's at! With the opening of Toy Story Land we were really hoping to get Fastpasses for one of those new rides but alas, it was not in the cards for us. Even if I gave up one of those aforementioned thrill rides, they were just that booked out. So. My sister was like, let's do this! Let's take the kids at rope drop and make a mad dash and do our best to get those triplets on the one ride they really just wanted, Slinky Dog Dash. And news flash: we made it. The line was completely out of the regular like line area and wrapped around the outside... it did not look good. But I think we only waited like 40 minutes maybe? Maybe even a half hour. The line behind us got up to over two hours so so fast so... We figured we were so lucky. Such a fun ride too! Definitely worth that wait I'd say. The line area is themed so fun and the kids just ate it all up!
But first see also pretty sky during my morning run.... A must for me:
From there we had Fastpasses to Tower of Terror. Now, David had been prepped for this. He watched the Youtube video and rode the towers at Hersheypark and was emphatic that he was going to ride and get the shirt that his Poppop promised to any rider...Well I don't think we even made it to the first initial movie without him starting to cry and asking to leave. But I made him stick it out and he was so proud when he rocked his shirt to school the first day back. He survived! 
We took the kids to see Olaf (Letty's face is just too much! I can't.) before the Frozen Sing-a-long.... Which if you are a Frozen fan is a must. Letty still was in such a state of joy when Elsa made is snow at the end! Her face is priceless! And Elena! She sang every song! And I'm not talking about like quietly joining in I'm talking belting it out lady friend who cares who hears you! I'm not sure where she came from with such quiet parents....
We then ate lunch at the Backlot which we seem to tend to do all the time.... Have I mentioned I'm such a fan of the adult beverage with the meal thing? Big fan. We saw a quick march of The First Order, which I love so very much...Then we took the bigger kids on the Rock n' Rollercoaster which David didn't even bat an eyelash at so who knows with him? He beats the Tower and all other rides are a walk in the park.... The rest of the family then headed back to swim but Matt and I had promised the kids a quick visit with Chewy which is just what we did. That furry friend! It wasn't a bad wait and then we walked back to the resort so we too could swim.
Storm-a-long Bay is the name of this water park area at The Beach Club and it is pretty popular from my understanding. It was also pretty packed so they didn't get a chance to go down the pirate water slide... but they did enjoy the sand. Yes sand. In a pool. We swam and relaxed for a bit before heading to Trattoria al Forno at The Boardwalk, which was a favorite from our visit last time. All the carbs. And that dessert! Gah I can't believe I had forgotten about that. So tasty.
And our day did not end here no no no... we headed back out once more! More of which tomorrow! This is the trip that never ends.... it just goes on and on my friends.....

You're welcome.