gretna glen field trip! again!

Wasn't I just here? How has year gone by already? These moments I've been having lately like wait... We just did this. But sadly we didn't just do anything... It has been a year. Twelve months have gone by and we are just doing it all over again, a year older. This field trip I was really dreading. Which I know, who am I? But I hate the dirt. And I knew David would be all about said dirt. I tried to get Matt to tag in for this one and he was like oh hell no so... It was me! I put David in clothes I cared nothing about and crossed my fingers! 
No one fell in. So that's good news! It was more spread out than last year's field trip. So that's also good news! It wasn't very hot... it didn't rain... Good good news! The camp counselors were still just as excited as last year... in fact it was the same one who was screaming so loud in excitement I'm not sure how she functions day to day! But she knows what she's doing because the kids just loved her so!

The little boy in a lot of these photos is actually the nephew of an old classmate of mine from high school and when his mama asked for photos well, I deliver! Must have a visual if one can't be present!

The kids took a nature hike, learned about animal adaptations complete with their teacher dressing up as a "beaver," they made a craft that will eventually grow grass and then they did a pond study! Lots of learning but also tons of fun!  And also when your bestie isn't there but you run into her daughter you just have to send her a selfie! That little sweetie pie. Oh these almost second graders!!! Can you even?!