final epcot + infamous photo shoot + hollywood studios

I figured let's start this post off with a bang. If any of you readers are friends with any of the people on this trip on the Facebook then you may have seen the video.... Let's just say in my notes from this day I wrote (pardon my French) "shit show" next to "got a photo of kids with Nonna and Pop." How hard can it be? There are only seven of them. Their grandparents gave them this wonderful trip! They had snacks! Promises of snacks! It. Was. Awful. But you'd never know it from this photo would you?

I thought not. So we had this fun little photo shoot and then headed back towards The World Showcase...

Along the way we saw that Mary Poppins would be available for a visit so Letty and Mikayla did that. We love us some Mary in this house! Mary was a bit unhappy to see no pin of hers on Letty's lanyard but sniffed that Bert too is having issues finding one. We kept walking around the world getting a drink here and there and of course lots of tasty snacks with our dining plan. The final day is always a mad dash to burn through snacks in our experience. The kids explored the butterfly house and those gardens..... I took Lena Girl to get herself a snack, a mini day date, if you will... And then we used our last Fastpass of the trip to ride Soarin' on last time! Mikayla's first! 
At this point we headed back to The Boardwalk for dinner at this walk up pizza shop. They let us get an adult beverage as a "side" for each meal plan we used so we walked away from there with six drinks for just Matt and I. I should have chosen more wisely because the canned wine was perfect! Take it back and save it! Next time!
My sister wanted to attempt the Slinky Dog Dash again so her family and my five headed over to Hollywood Studios, via boat this time. We watched the Little Mermaid show first before walking over to meet BB8. I know Lena had no clue what was going on but she is as always such a good sport! We took the bigger kids, crazy that now Lena and Dom are considered bigger kids, on the Alien Swirl Saucer which was super cute and fun! Then we waited in line again for the Skippy Dog Dash, and at night! On the way out we stopped and watched the light show a bit before hopping back on the boat for the short trip back to our resort... Sad the entire way. I hate goodbyes! 
No. We're not tired, you're tired.

And okay okay, the video...