final epcot day + princesses

My sister and I had a plan with this day. Early breakfast in Epcot before the park opens in the hopes that after we eat we can ride Frozen and Test Track, since we didn't get Fastpasses for them. It's back to that whole you can only pick one of these three and well, Soarin was the one we picked. Anyways that was the logic behind a breakfast buffet meal. With princesses! Lots of them! We ate at Akershus (gesundheit) Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion. I was a tad nervous about the food because well, Norway. But I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of options for us all! We met Belle right at the door in her pretty  yellow dress, as well as Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel! They also had a princess parade type thing and the kids all got up and joined in on that. It was such a magical breakfast for the kids! Well worth it! Today was also the day the kiddos wore their matching shirts that my parents got for them all! Love matching!

We left the restaurant and went to ride the Frozen ride that was up to a twenty minute wait. Not ideal, but not horrible. We thought we could make Test Track work even with a thirty minute wait by moving our Soarin Fastpass to that evening only to have the ride shut down because of the rain. Boo. Good thing we all had our ponchos though! We went over to Nemo and friends knowing there was a lot to do there until the rain passed. We also checked out Turtle Talk with Crush which I've never done but the kids loved it! Duuuuuude.
Back to our World Showcase and Mexico Lena was in a sister sandwich on The Gran Fiesta Tour with Donald! Plus margaritas! We each let the kids pick out a souvenir from this pavilion. Letty chose a pink sombrero and the boys got hand painted ceramic skulls. Pretty sure we have to celebrate The Day of the Dead this year... We all had Spaceship Earth Fastpasses but that was down for a bit... We did get to meet Pluto after some autograph book issues, run Matt, run! 
More of our final day tomorrow!!