epcot + mickey and friends

My sister was just on a mission this day. My kind of Beth! She saw the lines weren't so bad over at Epcot and well since we can just mosey on over there we should just go do that. This was Rob and Ashley's wedding anniversary so they wanted to do their own thing after dinner and my parents helped by watching the girls for them. So it was just the Sauders and Olsens. On. A. Mission!

The entrance to Epcot from the Boardwalk/Beach Club area puts you in right next to the England pavilion... My children think telephone booths are a thing apparently. After grabbing a drink and using the 300th restroom of the day we went to Spaceship Earth. This is another one of my favorite rides for purely nostalgic purposes. It's a ride for the ages!
The line for meeting Mickey and his friends was like five minutes or some such ridiculous thing so we had to take advantage of it, knowing we would be back again with the rest of the cousins. These characters are just so fun to see and they play off each other and I just love it. Mickey played it sad when the guest in front of us said she loves Goofy more, all until my three hugged him and then he felt oh so much better. Goofy signed the autograph book on David's head and then had a little tickle fight. And Minnie got all sassy nu-uh girlfriend with me when I asked the kids to not be as rough with Minnie as they were with Goofy. She can handle it, apparently. This entire Floridian adventure whenever I approached or even looked at Harrison he just responded with: no. Worried that was to be our future I was quite thrilled that he let me hold his hand this night.... documented proof!
We had been able to grab a Fastpass for Soarin and so that was up next. This ride people! It's just so good. This was Dom and Lena's first flight! They did so great too (ignore the photo with the pout he was just a real crank at random times this trip)! Since we had Harrison and were down a grandparent we used the child switch thing I have heard about but never done. They set it up right there at the start of the line, with Beth staying behind with Harrison while the rest of us rode. Then when we were done she got to ride and she got to take two more people with her. All without losing her Fastpass time. So she took Lena and Letty on for their second trip. Lucky ladies!
The fireworks were going off by the time we made it to our exit for our hotel, but we didn't stay too long. It had been a long day after all, let's be reasonable....