epcot + fireworks

Hard to believe that we are still on the same day as yesterday but that is just how we rolled in Disney. Pack it all in and get it all done and all of it. All of the time. As I said after our early dinner we had some calories and time to burn so we Monorailed ourselves over to Epcot. Where there were flowers! Naturally. It being spring and all. All the flowers!

There were some lengthy lines on a few rides but we were able to walk right onto the Nemo ride. I can't even tell you how many times we  have ridden this in our adult life but it is on the side of ridiculous. When they start singing It's a Big Blue World it gets me every time and I have zero idea as to the why there. It just is. We meandered a bit through the aquarium part... but knowing that it could rain on Friday when we knew we would be back in this park we wanted to save some of the action for then.
And then we started towards the World Showcase which if you know me at all is my favorite of places to walk around. Walk, stop for a drink or a fun snack (just not this night because: 'Ohana) and then walk some more. We love to start at Mexico and for obvious reasons but our kids also love that one too. Why? Well the ride inside that's why! Donald and his singing friends! And the ceiling is a night sky! We saw the line for Donald in a sombrero wasn't that long so we took the bigger kids over to meet him after. Ole!
While in Norway, and with a really short wait time, we just had to meet our favorite sisters! I love the conversations they have with the kids and how engaging they are! I mean Disney Magic am I right?
 Such pretty sights! I'm telling you, this is just my favorite!
When one is in Epcot when the sun is setting and there are of course fireworks coming one must stick it out and see them yes? I mean we have only been on our feet moving since the wee hours of the morning what is a few hours more? It really is super convenient to be staying so close to two parks because if some in your party aren't in the fireworks mood or say, have an early bed time, they can just  head on out and be back in the hotel in less than ten minutes! Some people did head out but most of us stayed, finding a perch on a bridge and waiting it out. I hear that this particular show is moving on and even though it has never been my favorite show I felt it was worthy of a final viewing. A goodbye viewing if you will.
So farewell to you show! I am looking forward to what they put in your place after all these years! We got back to the hotel and promptly put the kiddos to bed in their nice clean sheets with all their lovely stuffies so nicely arranged for them by the staff..... All to do it again tomorrow!