easter eve take two

I might just be over here reminiscing of our Floridian trip until school gets out. Would that be so bad? No I think not...

Once the epic egg hunt and all other festivities wrapped up we all got changed and headed to the club pool. I could just move in there if I'm being honest. Well that and if I won the lottery. The pineapple vodka drinks were flowing and there was family everywhere and the sun was out in full force! It was amazing. I'm pretty sure I only left the pool to get Chapstick and then back I went. We spent the entire afternoon hanging out and laughing and maybe some of us getting a little too much sun... 

As we were walking out to get ready for dinner my cousin Nick threw his mother in the pool which oh so gave me flashbacks of his own father and our other uncles chucking my grandma into her pool when I was a kid... That's a thing Trovato men do I guess... throw their mothers in the pool.

Dinner this night was at Parc, back in their club. We do love a good excuse to get dressed up am I right? We had this enormous table and I just love seeing everyone together! We are the loudest bunch and I love every single one of them! Not to mention that the steak and blue cheese salad was the best thing ever. And the pretzel rolls. All of the food. All of the time!


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  1. That pool is glorious! Great pictures. You have such a beautiful family.


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