as we arrive in west palm beach

Now the reason for this destination is: family. My uncle has a house down there and his wife and their four kids and their people Easter there every year. We did this once before, but as tax season rarely falls before Easter (and my CPA sister is needed as are my mom and I and our childcare services) we haven't been there in quite some time. Since Dom was on the inside as a matter of fact.

There were a few bumps along the road for some of my extended family that left us down an uncle as well as later flights than they originally planned. So. The day we arrived we just relaxed by the pool because my kids are fishes and it was hot and there was sun and palm trees. Yes, West Palm Beach has palm trees! The pool also had a shelf that my kids found to be absolutely fantastic. I also got a quick run in as I tend to do. It's not our gym at home but it's something. Right?

The rest of my family arrived on a flight later that evening and my dad and Matt went to pick them up in the MV. We decided to just keep it low key and order from the hotel restaurant because well... travel days are hard.