an easter egg hunt!

My aunt had quite the itinerary planned for our visit and first things first on our Saturday morning, an egg hunt! And not just an egg hunt, but a magic show and then and egg hunt! Plus much much more! The magician was a tad hokey but my kids were absolutely eating it up, the cornier the better! I'm pretty sure the joy and admiration on their faces never left. 

After that was done the bigger kids went to one section and the littles to another. I had the big kids. They filled up their baskets so quickly and were sad they couldn't find the golden egg. During the hunt I hear this child just literally losing his mind and I'm like oh thank God that isn't one of my kids! I looked in the general direction of the tantrum (as did everyone else) only to witness Matt carrying a thrashing Dominic out of the little kid egg hunt area. Yay! Proud mama moment! Apparently he wanted to play not pick eggs and then when he decided he did in fact want eggs there were no eggs to be had. Oh to be a child!\
As we were walking to our dinner a kind mother offered to give Dominic her son's extra eggs which I mean while I wanted him to learn his lesson I also wanted to enjoy our lunch so I said yes. Weak moment? Maybe. They had a nice bbq buffet lunch for everyone then. They also had a face painting station, a balloon animal station and of course, the Easter Bunny himself! What a lucky bunch of kiddos!