a morning swim + floridian friend!

You may be wondering... hey Laur? Where is your Floridian Friend, Kerri? Unfortunately our final morning in Disney was the only time that I knew where I'd be and for enough time for her to come and join me. As you have seen these past few weeks we went from sun up to sun down and everywhere in between... Hopping parks and back again. It was a bummer that I couldn't meet up with her sooner! Truly! But she came over bright and early to spend as much time with us as she could before we headed north, tears in my eyes. The kids swam and we just chatted and I soaked up more of that Floridian sun whilst I could.... Eventually we got lunch and all knew what that meant... departure....

Of course we  needed one big giant photo of the entire family since there is no way we were going to attempt that yesterday, could you imagine!? This man slept through the whole thing! We were cracking up. We are not a quiet bunch! But it was great success! Thanks Kerri!

Ah the long ride home. We went a bit further than normal, stopping in Manning, SC. But not after driving all through back country roads and seeing my first ever Piggly Wiggly! The next morning I donned my Minnie sweatshirt for the first time in the trip and pouted something fierce when I saw that last final pretty sunrise with those beautiful palm trees... which my kids now have the same image as the background on their iPads... Who can blame them?!
Needless to say we had the very best time on our long Floridian adventure! Thank you so much to my parents for treating me and mine to such extravagance! We love you and appreciate you so very much! Take me back please! Real life is for the birds!

And also a great deal of these photos these past few weeks have been my sister-in-law's and my sister's. We sharesies.