the kid's easter baskets, disney style

We are going to be celebrating Easter on our upcoming Floridian trip (we will be in West Palm Beach day of) which poses all sorts of difficulties when it comes to Mister E.B. himself... I pulled this off once before and it worked because well, childish innocence... I feel like the bigger two kids are on the brink of discovering that all of these characters are really just their parents pretending. David more so than Letty.  So. I really need to pull this off. Five of us in one hotel room? I may have to set an alarm and do it at like.... five am. Maybe four. 

But the super fun part of celebrating Easter whilst in Florida before one heads to Disney is that I can theme the baskets! I love a good theme! I really didn't want to get them a bunch of crap that they really don't need so I tried to stick to things that would be really great for them to have when they hit Disney the following day. And I did go to the Dollar Tree and get cheapo baskets that can easily fit into one another, saving me major space. Packing for ten days is a daunting task....
I found the cutest Minnie and Mickeys dressed up as the Easter Bunny which yeah I know, they don't need a single stuffie more but they are just so cuuuute! It could not be helped. To go to Disney the day after Easter and to have an Easter Bunny Mickey and Minnie? They'll remember that forever. Or so I think anyways.
The rest of the stuff is far more practical. Each kid really needed new water sippies and these are perfect because they can hang off the mommy hooks on the stroller as we push all over the parks. I got David a Cars one, Dom a Marvel one, and Letty a Frozen one. I got this pack of chapsticks for the kids that I will divvy up; I handed one each over to my nieces too for their baskets. I got them Mickey and Minnie ears of course. 

We decided that the kids are old enough now to try out the whole pin trading thing (if anyone has any advice on that I'll all ears. eyes.).... We did a bit of research and found a set of 25 Disney pins on Ebay that we got as a starter set for them. We got this set of three laynards that even comes with a detachable little pouch. I also got them each a box of Disney themed bandaids for all their new found blisters that will certainly appear... and a new PlayPack from the Dollar Spot (also Disney I mean duh) for all their restaurant waiting times when they so desperately need to color. I have a bunch of glow sticks too that I'll distribute evenly into their baskets as well as some candy that won't melt in that hot Floridian sun. My kids love to have glow sticks on their wrists for each and every darkened ride. Especially David and especially on Spaceship Earth. Brother is really upset about that ride each and every time....
Did I miss anything people? If I did don't tell me because my FOMO is real!