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It's April!! We are almost to warmer weather please and thank you! It cannot come soon enough! We had ourselves a little bit of a tease this past Saturday and it was phenomenal! Please come back!
Obviously this is the driest blogging spell I have basically ever had heretofore and that's ok, right? We don't mind do we? The Olsen Five have been quite busy doing a bunch of little things that come with kids that are in activities and it is what it is... 

I've been trying to keep up with my reading and that is also good. But time consuming. I recently read Last Christmas in Paris and Nine Perfect Strangers, both so good! Let's use the word good once more! Way to express yourself Laurie! I just started Educated which I hear is quite a fast read once one gets in to it. So in case you're wondering I am doing well with my book a week goal. Seventeen so far! And we are like what, fourteen weeks into the year?

Also! I mean, Disney Disney Disney! DISNEY! We have been going through our count down chain day by day and we also read Where is Walt Disney World to the kids (and to be honest Matt and I enjoyed it as well). We have packing lists and outfits planned and it's just so exciting! I sure don't mind staring at suitcases in my bedroom when I know there are clothes for Florida in there! Anyone else stock up on Disney wear before heading to the parks? I mean they need a shirt per day in my opinion. And a few extras you know, just in case. Plus a matching cousins one (thanks Nonna and Pop!) I counted and this is Letty's sixth time going to Walt Disney World. We are just the luckiest to have such generous grandparents are we not? Nonna and Poppop take it to a whole new level!

This is the time of year when all the activities at school seem to pick it up a notch. How is that even possible you may ask? Well it sure is. All the things in all the lands are going to be wrapping up here. Field trips and Race and the carnival! All fun things! Which is a lot but it also means that summer is nigh! Give me summer! And a tan! And the pool! And no more lunches! It wouldn't be a blog post if I didn't mention the loathing of the lunches right?

Let's see let's see... my kids! Dominic had pink eye last weekend... or has? He's on drops till tomorrow. That was fun. He's not the easiest patient as one can imagine. I've been handing out drops to the entire family like candy because not today Satan! David had quite the glowing conference with his teacher which I mean, we all knew because he's David. He's quite the little teacher's pet but she assures me not in a bad way. She's only a few weeks in (his teacher had a baby so now he has a sub for the rest of the year) I'll give her some time to change her mind. Letty's conference was as expected as well which I mean, one should never be blindsided at a conference am I right? She's just a hard working little thing and we were told her confidence is growing and she's more empowered and that just makes me so happy. She's going to be okay, that one. 

And as always new to me Instagram accounts! Crafting in the Country, Homespun Cottage, Life as Medicine and Brittany's Home Sweet Home.

So what about you all? What have you been up to while I've been not blogging?

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