hersheypark in the spring!

Hersheypark opened their doors for the first time of the year the first weekend of this month and the weather could not have been kinder! Sunny and warm, almost 70 degrees! We all made it a point to get up there.... right after the bunny. 

We did something we have never done before, get the kids measured at the official measuring station. They were just really in to it. I think David was already a Hershey Bar but he seemed to think this was a new thing and was just so friggin excited about it. Mikayla bumped up herself which I mean, of the triplets she is the tallest. Lena and Dom are just hanging on to their Kiss status by a thread. This summer, for sure.
 Ashley and I took the Mikayla and the bigger kids on her first ever Comet ride. It's an old wooden rollercoaster that's been around forever and a day. She was not very impressed. She didn't cry, but love it she did not. The kids hit up a ton of the kiddie rides in between the thrill rides too of course. And David! He's the big man now! He actually went on the big scary tower with his Uncle Colton not once, but twice. He's going to love Disney this year I know it! No more crying on Spaceship Earth for him, no! This was such a good first trip to Hersheypark for the year!