go team usa!

We feel very lucky to have the U.S. Women's National Field Hockey Team based out of our very own gym. That's right. Our gym. A friend of mine texted me two Sundays ago and asked if Letty and I wanted to join her and her daughter to watch a game that very same night. And we heartily agreed. Tickets were purchased. Red, white and blue was donned, and flags were found! Off we went!
Naturally the adults wanted to get a quick beverage before the game and the ladies got Shirley Temples and worked on the art of the boomerang. They looked about fifteen years old sitting at that booth chatting...
The girls picked out Team USA sweatshirts (gotta have the swag) before we went to the game. We thought the game was indoors... I mean you know what they say when you assume something right? So you can imagine our shock when we start to head toward the area we thought the game was and saw the game already going on. Outside. Tickets said start time was 6:30 but apparently it was more like six. Anyways. Outside

We found our seats and promptly huddled together to wait this out... and I felt quite silly that I was so unprepared. Matt texted to ask how it was and when I told him it was outdoors can you imagine what that husband of mine did? I'm sure you can because you've been around here and you know how amazingly thoughtful he is... He packed up two blankets and my coat and two adult beverages to help us warm our bodies and the two boys in their pajamas and drove all of the above over to the field for us. Husband in shining armor!!
Much warmer and stocked with provisions it was game time! The girls loved it and Marci explained all of the things to them. It's been a hot second since I've played a game so even I needed the refresher. They got themselves on the big screen too which made their day! 
The game sure was something to see! I mean those ladies are intense. Sadly they didn't win... but we had ourselves quite the adventure! Next time, we know! And Letty better wear that sweatshirt till shes in middle school. Just saying.