easter festivities at home

Last weekend we thought we would throw in all the festive Easter-ness before we headed south for the actual holiday! My niece Mikayla was recovering from being under the weather so it was just my sister and her family and me and mine and my parents. I made my Easter Sicilian soup and mom cooked and we did all the things. In all the lands.
First up was food! Naturally.
Then after that my sister and I braved the mist out of doors to hide the 150 something eggs for the kiddos. Each kid got their own little area except Lena and Dom who shared. Such is the life of two out of three triplets am I right? Some of us wandered around barefoot because goodness was it wet! Nonna busted out some ponchos and the kids did their best to stay dry all whilst finding soooooo many eggs. Stuffed with sugar. 
Then after that the kids ate some candy and it was egg dying time! They destroyed the boxes before the adults got there however so it actually took a really long time to try and figure out what we were supposed to do with each kit.... but we did! Beth worked super hard for that tye-dye one! Lots of eggs were dyed and the kids were actually pretty patient with the whole thing as the adults figured out what was what.
We festive hard, what can I say?