disney memory lane

Disney Disney Disney is the name of the game around here these days and so what better way to further the excitement than to look back on past year's trips? I'll forego the ones from you know, my childhood. And I'll skip the trip Matt and I took as newlyweds before kids made us all old and haggard.... It's a big 'un, I'll warn you. And the more kids that join the group the more photos taken!

Starting with Letty's very first trip in 2011! She was the only child in the family and soaked up everyone's attention. Rob didn't join us this trip but we had John! It rained and my dad spent thousands on ponchos.

2012: David was just four months old and was such a good sport! He danced with Aunt Ashley and just did anything and everything. I loved Letty at this stage with her sweet cheeks and her curls... could have done without the addition of the nuk again though. It was also the first year for the traditional Rapunzel's Tower and Nonna photo! Also my sister found out she passed her CPA exam during this trip! Yay!

2014: Babies in bellies everywhere! Lena Girl and Dom were just safely cooking away. It was the start of Martini Monday! David's surfer hair was out in full force and he hugged and high fived every character he met.

2015: The triplets were born! I miss pudgey Dom Dom. Let's not kid ourselves I miss having a baby and this post is not helping matters! We finally got to meet Anna and Elsa! Letty rode Space Mountain for the first time! David got a kiss from Sleeping Beauty! Letty rode Soarin for the first time! We watched the festival of lights at Hollywood Studios which I will miss so!

2017: This is the trip my sister and her family stayed home from... I kept expecting her to walk around the corner and surprise us. It was not the same without her to be sure!! There is another baby cooking here with Ashley! David rode Soarin for the first time. Letty rode Rockin' Rollercoaster for the first time! We saw fireworks! And Aunt Kerri! And Aunt Wilma! Those two aunts always make an appearance at least once on these trips it should be mentioned! We met Kylo Ren and he scared the pants off the boys! And Poppop swam for the first time in years!

Oh I just cannot wait to go back and make more memories! These kids are just the very luckiest kids! Thank you Nonna and Pop for allowing us all to experience such funness!