celebrating 100 years of magic!

With Disney on Ice of course. What a great way to gear up for Disney next week than with taking the kids to see this show, right? We get club seats which is just amazing. Cushier seats, more room, your very own Club bathrooms and Club bar and Club food. No waiting in long lines for us! This time we got six tickets and so we decided to take my niece Lena with us (next time, Mikayla!). The kids all donned their Disney wear.... that I had to unpack because well, whoops. We got ourselves settled with popcorn just in time for the show to start!

I am such a fan of these shows! All my magical favorites right before my very eyes! My kids love this show and their faces say it all! They sing a long and dance and their excitement is just very infectious. My niece said she loved it so much and wanted to go back the very next day but during the show she was so serious! She just ate her popcorn and sat straight up and her eyes never left the ice. It is pretty overwhelming in there I'll give her that. But! We are all so pumped for next week people! 
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