and we are back!

From what felt like the longest vacation ever! What day is it? Does Matt even have a job? What does our house even look like? Twelve days is absolutely no joke. The planning. The packing. The sheer logistics of it can make one's head spin....

My five and my parents decided to drive down to Florida so that meant we left before the sun (as in 3:30 am) on a Wednesday and drove to Savannah, where we spent the night. We stop every three hours or so and stretch our legs and it just works out for us. The drive down is so much easier because well, there are palm trees to look forward to!

My father rented us this little beauty which we lovingly referred to as the Menno Van. It's a local thing, I am sure. The reason we did this is so that when everyone arrived at our first destination of West Palm Beach we would have transportation for them. And also for when we headed to Disney. So we had all of the car seats in all of the land. Just in case you were wondering why a family of five would need a fifteen passenger van.... My parents refuse to ride down with us and I'll let you imagine as to the why.

Oh yeah, I drove that lady down there. I prefer to drive and Matt is my Chewy. If Chewy also had to deal with the needs of three irrational humans. When iPad batteries wore out the kids all climbed into the front seat and watched movies on Matt's laptop. Snacks and screens are what gets us through!
Once in Savannah the kids immediately wanted to swim. And we give those kids what they want. I'm sure the temperature would have been too cold for you Southerners but to my kids it was just heaven. Well, maybe not Dom as he was shivering pretty quickly. They swam, I ran, and then we had ourselves a nice little take out dinner before hitting the sheets. Because the next morning? We be West Palm Beach bound!