a second grade field trip

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being a chaperone with Letty's class as they headed to The Hershey Story Museum thing and also Chocolate World. I told you I live in Hershey now. It was a full day affair, starting with that long and loud bus ride up there. Letty wanted to sit with her friends so I mean, rude. Guess that ship has sailed. Sniff. 
We were in the group that got to do the Chocolate Lab first. We learned all about where chocolate comes from and then the kids did a tasting. They also got to make a chocolate art creation too. And we all wore hair nets. That might have been the best thing ever to those second graders.
Then we got to run, I mean walk, through the museum and complete a scavenger hunt. The kids really loved the conch machine starting up we probably sat through that video three times.
After lunch we all got back on the bus and  headed to Chocolate World, where we rode it really quick and then I corralled my group back onto the bus. That place is just far too crowded and it gives me anxiety, watching five kids only one of which is my own. 

And that's a wrap! I went home and had a nice drink with a side of ibuprofen because that ride was loud. And I had a bite or two of the chocolate art creation that the chaperones were given before giving the rest to the boys in my life.



  1. so much fun if you ask me. i wanna go. also lettys friend with the hip pop pose - so cute. i mean all of them are clearly

  2. mmm chocolate. the kids look adorable in their hair nets and i love the art creations! what a fun field trip. besides being so loud.


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