the blue and gold banquet

As first timers to this whole Cub Scout thing, the Blue and Gold Banquet was just a total unknown for us. The boys were all encouraged to attend, as well as all siblings and parents, grandparents, whoever! They would provide pizza and people would bring sides and so forth (you know me and my love of any and all things potluck). 
We arrived with our fruit and found ourselves a table in the back, saving seats for our Carpers, who were running a few minutes late. I feel like the Carpers need a blog-introduction at this point... David and Sydney were like an old married couple in pre-k and it was the cutest thing, and Owen and Letty are in the same grade too. Letty and Sydney did Girl Scouts together last year... and then Owen and David started in with Cub Scouts this year. And I just really like their mama and we have monthly lunches and lots of pool days.... And then! The great Mr. Carper now works with Matt. So. They are stuck with us. The end.

Back to the banquet. They gave each kid a big packet of activities and they had crayons set out for them as well, because those siblings were in this for the long haul. After we ate (and the kids went back for their fifth and sixth helpings) they had a few speakers and thanked patrons and then they called each pack up to acknowledge their accomplishments. David got two patches and two pins and I'm not entirely sure what they are for exactly but I'll figure it all out along with patch placement. Alexa? Siri?

We stuck around for the entirety because they asked you to so they could take big group photos. Of which there were plenty. I was surprised that Scouts is mostly done for the year but Matt is positively gleeful that he has his Thursday nights back. Until next year!!